Legal Fees

The Act LXXVIII of 2017 on the professional activities of attorneys-at-law provides that the mandate to pursue the professional activities of an attorney-at-law shall be freely negotiated. When an attorney-at-law takes on a case, he or she agrees with the client when and how much the attorney-at-law is entitled to for the legal work he or she does.

In accordance with the above, the amount of the attorney's fee is agreed in advance and individually by the attorney-at-law and the client in each case. The amount of the fee is not determined by law, a recommendation of the Bar Association or any other resolution. I can give a specific price offer after studying the case. Attorney's agency fee typically depends on the complexity of the case, the amount of work to be spent, the value of the subject, and the attorney's responsibility for performing the task. Therefore, I usually give an offer on the nature of the work to be done and on the level of my fee during the first consultation. Acceptance of the offer by the client creates an agreement between the client and the attorney-at-law, which we record in a contract before the start of the professional activities.

Attorney's agency fee can be a flat rate, an hourly rate, a fixed or percentage fee adapted to the value of the subject of the mandate, a success fee under the conditions specified by law; and a combination of all of these.

Attorney's agency fee usually has to be payed in advance and does not include costs and expenses related to the execution of the mandate (eg travel expenses, levy, administrative service fees, bank transfer costs, etc.).

As an attorney-at-law, I pay special attention to proposing the most cost-effective legal solutions to my clients.

Professional activity Attorney’s agency fee
Consultation, legal advice (started every hour) 100 EUR
Real estate transactions (sale, gift)
clear estate (with simultaneous payment of the purchase price) 0,5 % of the value of the property,
min. 250 EUR, max. 800 EUR
the estate not clear or/and loan application required 0,75 % of the value of the property,
min. 300 EUR, max. 800 EUR
Register a new company
limited liability company, limited partnership 300 EUR
joint stock company 450 EUR
Registering company changes
limited liability company, limited partnership (depending on the amount of change) starting at 250 EUR
joint stock company (depending on the amount of change) starting at 300 EUR
Litigation at civil court starting at 700 EUR