Real Estate Law / Real Property Law

I provide the following real estate services to my clients:

A significant portion of the legal transactions that occur in my practice fall within the scope of real estate law. I have gained proficiency not only in drafting contracts for real estate, but - thanks to my previous jobs in public administration - I am also familiar with land-registry and municipal procedures.

I considered it important to deepen my knowledge in this field of law, therefore in 2018 I obtained a new university degree in real estate law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Debrecen.

I undertake the preparation of contracts of sale, and if necessary, participate in the rapid removal of the encumbrance. In the case of a credit contract, I take part in negotiations with the financing bank. I also prepare gifting and maintenance contracts on a regular basis. When preparing contracts to transfer ownership, I always pay attention to tax and fee payment aspects in order to achieve the greatest tax advantage for my clients. I provide full legal assistance in matters related to building plot division and building plot development, the creation or termination of co-ownership, and the protection of possession.